About me

Hi! My name is Clara Johanna Krug-Scham. I am a certified Qigong teacher and founder of Qigong med Clara in Trondheim.

Growing up in Austria, I started practicing martial arts at a very young age. Later I got more interested in eastern philosophy, meditation and dance. 

As a teenager I got introduced to Tai Chi Chuan and the concept of inner martial arts by Master H.D. Peiris in Bentota, Sri Lanka. Since 2014 I have been learning Qigong at the Centre Qi Gong Karlsruhe in Germany, completing their 300+ hours teacher training in 2021. The same year I started teaching Qigong in Trondheim and eventually founded “Qigong med Clara” in 2022.

In my classes I focus on relaxation, connection and mindfulness. I teach a gentle Qigong in the taoistic tradition, suitable for everybody. 

You can find out more about upcoming classes and workshops here:

Outside of Qigong I am also a tango dancer, nature lover and happy mom of two wonderful boys.